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Poire Poivrée Gin


700ml / 44% ABV

Limited Edition: 1100 Bottles

A bright, juniper-led gin with gorgeous pear notes on the back of the palate and a lasting peppery tingle. Perfect for martinis, but also works beautifully in all gin cocktails.


700ml / 44% ABV

What a challenge the fabulous folks behind World Martini Day presented us with: To craft the perfect gin for a Martini… according to Audemus!

We wanted to honour our French heritage by choosing to centre our spirit around an exquisite and quintessentially French Poire Williams Eau de Vie, meticulously distilled by the Masters at Distillerie Metté in Alsace. With such a foundation, we include a generous portion of Italian juniper, a dollop of Sardinian myrtle, a dash of Indonesian cubeb and a pinch of French citron, culminating in a creation we sincerely hope will bring you as much joy as it brings us.

Limited to just 1100 bottles, this special edition gin is a must-try for martini enthusiasts and cocktail connoisseurs. Enjoy it in a classic martini with a twist of fresh lemon zest for a truly exceptional experience.